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The Royal Palm

Author:  Mrs. D

Publisher: Dog Ear
Date of Publication: October 2014

Illustrator: Chanoa


The Royal Palm Book Trailer




The Royal Palm Review

A beautifully illustrated picture book, told in classic Mrs. D. style with glowing descriptions.  You can actually feel, see and hear yourself in the story.  Mrs. D. tells a beautiful story of a beautiful tree who didn’t think she started off too beautifully.

The Royal Palm was born in a less than desirable location – on a sandy island surrounded by dark and mysterious waters.  While she lived on the beach – often hit by hurricanes – she felt she lived in the shadow of her cousins who protected her and the island from the storms.

A tree who at the beginning saw herself as small and invisible – was just that.  But when she decided to grow big and strong – to not only dream but become her dream – she saw magic happen.

Desperate for the sun and to reach new heights, The Royal Pam stretched up high and grew into a beautiful Palm tree.  She slimmed out, her hair grew long, and she became very beautiful.  She was exquisite.  This is what the Royal Palm so wanted for many years.  She had achieved her childhood dreams.  But what was to come – well – to be boastful and selfish and alone?  The Royal Palm soon learned that to weather a storm – together is a lot safer and more comfortable than alone.

It’s a classic lesson told from the fantasy driven mind of Mrs. D.  First, the way you see yourself – it affects you inside and out.  Second,  you can not do everything alone, but it’s together you will accomplish your dreams.

Beautifully told for the higher elementary student, don’t look at just the surface, go down deep and real think about what this book is teaching you.


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