The Still Small Voice

Have you ever listened to your inner voice, and, as a result taken a leap of faith?  Maybe you delved into something so outside of your comfort zone that nobody really understood.  Maybe it was something you have been thinking about for some time.

I do that a lot.  Maybe it’s because I have no inhibitions. Or maybe because I have great faith?  Or maybe because I am crazy?  Who knows.

But I want to explore this deeper.

What is faith?

I have this bookmark on my refrigerator that one of the kids made in their primary class about a year ago.  It says…

For those of you who can’t see it (because my camera is an absolute disaster and epic failure), it says..

              Faith is things that are hoped for and not seen

That could mean many different things to many different people.

I have taken many leaps of faith.  

1.  I took a leap of faith to leave a PhD program, defend my masters and start a wedding business.  Mind you, my degree is in Molecular and Cellular Biology.
2. I took a leap of faith when I joined weight watchers
3.  I took a leap of faith when I converted to the LDS church
4.  I took a leap of faith when I started sewing – learning via You Tube (if you can believe that).
5.  I took a leap of faith when I started this blog – after almost a year of promptings.  
6.  I took a leap of faith when I started the site design for The Squishable Baby.
7.  I took a leap of faith when I started working out seriously.
8.  I took a leap of faith when I chose to believe that my Mother’s death was not in vain.
9.  This blog post itself is a leap of faith.  When I got up this morning, I had no idea what I was going to write about.  This post came about from a prompting I got off Twitter (of all places).

All these things have one thing in common.  I listened to the still small voice – the one that lives inside me.  It fills my heart with such unbelievable glory – it’s beyond words.  

You have to be ever so quiet (in heart and mind) to hear it.

What comes out of taking “the huge plunge” into the unknown abyss?  There are lots of glorious things, none of them necessarily having to do with money.  Sometimes you are to gain an experience that will help you with your progression in this life.  Sometimes you are to meet someone – and that connection will make the world (for you and/or others) a better place.  Sometimes, it’s so you can help someone else.  Sometimes, it’s so you yourself can be helped.  Sometimes it’s for an experience that must be had, and sometimes it’s not to be understood in this life. 

And sometimes, it’s because you are going to gain financially.

And sometimes, it’s because it increases your own faith.

So, tell me dear friends, when have you listened to the still small voice – and exercised your own faith?  What did that look like, and what was the outcome?  Please tell me, because I really really want to know.

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  1. I love this post Lisa.
    You have achieved so much by listening to your still small voice. I have found that the more I listen, the more I hear it and also it comes from a very different place in my body than the nagging, chastising, worried thoughts that are in my head.The trick is to hear it in the first place and then trust it don’t you think?

    • Hey Gilly,

      Thx for this! Yes, it is extremely hard to hear. I think it takes some level of faith. Once you hear it and recognize it, the change can be scary – especially if it’s a total 180 from the path you’re on.

      Sometimes it’s not a change but a tweak, or confirmation that you are on the right path.

  2. Thanks for the inspiring blog post Lisa. I think I just posted a response on Google + as well (I’m new to this!) But I agree, sometimes it’s hard to find that inner-voice, especially when we have so much noise in our lives. But if you give yourself the time you need to find that spark that always dwells deep inside of you, then that spark can lead you to your faith and finding that inner voice. I was so afraid to publish Come Back Dear Sun independently, but I’m so grateful that I did. I wanted to use my children’s books to connect with kids and remind them about their own creativity and imagination. And now I have teachers and organizations booking me for upcoming visits and events! I knew that I needed to be here within this industry so I could be a better person for our youth and one more person leading them in the right direction. Well said Lisa, and I look forward to more of your blogging!

    • You are an inspiration and a great example to everyone around you!

      You took the plunge and through hard work and determination you are realizing your dreams! Wonderful!



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