The Wall: A Timeless Tale, A Picture Book About the Benefits of Diversity


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I don’t know what’s wrong with the world.  It’s like, it’s gone backwards.

I understand the need for a picture book like this, but my goodness – teaching kids about the benefits of diversity in a picture book?  They should see, feel, and experience the benefits of diversity when they go to the store, to school, and to the playground.  We learn about each other when we experience each other, as we interact, and as we listen.

I love it when others speak a different language, because it benefits my family when we hear it.  My children wonder, and then I say, they are from a different part of the world, and yes, people speak different languages.  This is a normal thing.  Just because they live here does not mean they lose their culture.  Their culture benefits us, just as we benefit them.

I love it when my kids want people of different cultures to come and sleep over.  This is how we learn, grow, develop and progress.

We become better people.

Or we reject it, and become assholes – or so it seems.

With that said, I love this book.  My husband has read it to the kids.  I have read it to the kids.  We talk about it, and talk about the reason this country has gone in the completely wrong direction.

The Wall: A Timeless Tale

In this lovely book, lives a King, who doesn’t understand how so many different people ended up in his kingdom.

He doesn’t like it.  He doesn’t want to see them, because they don’t look like him.

So he banishes everyone who doesn’t look like him.

He has problems though, because some don’t want to leave.  It’s their home, it’s where their families have grown-up.  So what does the king do?  He builds a wall.

The problem is, he can’t get the wall built, because he’s banished everyone who can build the wall.  So, what is a king to do?

He calls the wall builders back.

Then he wants a garden.  But there is nobody to build a garden.  What is a king to do?

He calls the garden builders back.

After while, everyone is back, and the king learns a very important less, one of the most important lessons of his life.

That lesson…


We thrive when we work together, and the extreme damage that can be done when there are barriers between us.


The Wall: A Timeless Tale – teaches all of us that our differences is what makes this world work.


Where do I purchase The Wall: A Timeless Tale?

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How do you teach your children about diversity?

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