Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Tips for purchasing the perfect baby shower gift

Buying the right baby shower gift is very challenging, especially with endless options in the market. As such, showers buying guide are essential for those who want to make sure that their purchase will complement the momentous occasion. It is a great party and parents want to welcome a baby as a unique person. Here are a buying guide tips to help you narrow down your search for the ultimate gift.

Ask Whether It Is a Boy or a Girl

Most of the time, the shower invitation or host/hostess will know the gender of the baby (or lack of knowledge). If you believe in choosing pink and blue, knowing the gender is essential. However, if the parents do not know the gender or have decided not to divulge the information, then you should go for neutral baby shower gifts – green, yellow…whatever. Personally, I don’t care about color. In my opinion, pink is the hip boy!


Look In the Registry or Wish List

Before you buy a baby shower gift, ask if there is a registry. The registry will help you to know what the parents want and need, but also to determine what others have already bought. It may seem boring to buy something from the registry, but rest assured that just as long as the gift is from the heart – the parents will sure to love it. The registry might also inspire you with great baby shower ideas that allow you to add your personal touch to the gift.

Season Appropriate

It is important to note the season the baby is born. Babies born in summers need light wraps, loose-fitting clothes and sunhats, while babies born in winter need snuggly clothes and accessories to keep them warm. Some such gifts might be snowsuits, socks, organic cotton onesies and car seat covers.

Pick a Practical Baby Shower Gift

Although gifts like games and toys are more popular choices, the mother may find a practical gift more useful. The baby’s early stage life sometimes become very expensive. Gifts that you may not immediately think of are cloth or disposable diapers (whatever the parents choices are), wraps/slings, wipes, boppy and slip covers, lotions/balms, infant tubs, etc.


Avoid Buying Newborn Sized Outfits

This is a personal addition. My babies are always born bigger than the newborn size clothes – and the feet are twice as big as a newborn baby. I end up having to cut out the feeties on the outfits. Babies grow incredibly fast. You can help the parents out by purchasing clothing and socks in multiple sizes. If you insist on buying newborn size, then buy some that are 6 months, 9 months and a year. This way, the baby can use it’s always nice to customize the gift. the clothes as it grows.


Regardless of which way you chose to go, it’s always good to customize. When I buy shower gifts, I buy something off the registry and add something personal – like bamboo cloth wipes, or wool pants.

Baby shower gifts are a great way to prepare the parents for celebration of their new bundle. With these tips, it should not be a difficult task to find the perfect baby shower gift within your budget.

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  1. These are some really good tips to keep in mind when buying a baby shower gift. I have always stuck to getting neutral colored items. You’re so right that avoiding the newborn size is best unless you know it’s a premie.

  2. One thing I will never buy when I attend a baby shower: BLANKETS! The last baby shower I went to, the mom-to-be got 15 blankets! After the baby is born, people will give you more blankets. You will be drowning in blankets. Diapers are my go-to baby shower gift.
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