The Top 5 Sports for Kids


Obesity is a growing epidemic among children throughout the country and as children live more sedentary lifestyles in front of the computer it is only going to get worse. Indeed, the national obesity rate among 2 to 19-year-olds as of 2016 was 18.5% and this figure is growing and growing. It is essential that we, as parents, encourage our children to play sports. Participating in sports reduces the risk of a child being overweight and has other benefits in respect of increasing self-confidence and teaching your child to work as part of a team. Have a read through my list of the top 5 sports for kids to play and see if you can find something you could encourage your child to try.




1. Swimming

Swimming is so much fun for children that they barely recognize they are doing a workout while they are in the pool. It is known to be one of the best cardiovascular exercises around though, and it also helps build strength and flexibility at the same time. You could try going swimming with the kids so that you get some exercise too, although if that is not possible you could always check out the fitness section of my blog for some ideas of exercise you can do at home.

2. Soccer

As well as the exercise, soccer as a team game will have numerous benefits for your child. It will help them make friends, build camaraderie and increase self-confidence as your child finds somewhere where they feel a sense of belonging. Team games are an excellent opportunity for your child to hone those social skills, why not give soccer a try?

3. Tennis

Tennis is an excellent sport to help your child develop coordination. It can help hand-eye coordination, gross motor coordination and fine motor coordination, your child will be volleying before you know it and they will be able to use their coordination skills in other areas of their life. You’ll need to get them a tennis racquet for beginners to help them as they start as this will really help them get going in the sport.

For the littlest tennis players, they teach with lower nets and softer balls, to encourage play.

4. Basketball

Basketball has similar benefits to other team games in that it can help a child build up a circle of friends which can have a positive effect on self-esteem and in building discipline. It is also a great game for helping a child to develop hand to eye coordination. Basketball can also be a very strategic game, they could be working on their critical thinking skills as they play.

5. Dance

Dance is an excellent way for kids who maybe don’t enjoy team sports so much to get some exercise. It can help improve muscle tone, flexibility and build strength and stamina. It can also help foster a sense of discipline in your child as mastering a routine might require plenty of practice, demonstrating to your child that working hard at something can help them be successful. Plus, dance can be a really good way of socializing and building up bonds with other children.


What sports do your children play?

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