The Top Yoga Exercises that Can be Done at Home

I find yoga to be incredibly hard.  I don’t find it at all relaxing.  Maybe I’m missing something?  A lot of strength is needed to hold those poses, for as long as you hold them.

It’s crazy.

Do you find yoga relaxing?

Personally speaking, after a yoga class, generally I don’t feel stretched out and invigorated, I feel tired and ready to go to bed.  It’s not a rest day, it’s a work day, and after yoga class, I need 100% of my carbs!


If I want to stretch, I’m just going to stretch for 30 minutes, I’m not doing yoga.

However, there are some great yoga poses that are about stretching – and they are easy to master, don’t take a lot of space, can be done in 5-10 minutes, and can be done at home (or in your backyard on a nice day).

You don’t need to get in the car, drive to the gym, and sweat buckets (or do yoga in 100 degree heat)…or eat 100% of your carbs on a rest day!




Yoga is one of the great ways to relax and unwind when you’re feeling stressed, over-worked or just flat out in a rut. Yoga empowers your soul, making you feel calm and in touch with your body’s senses (or at least it’s supposed to be), and it’s also a great exercise to keep fit and healthy. There have been many studies on why Yoga is a powerful exercise to take up; many keep fit by doing just Yoga and live very healthy lives. If you’ve never tried Yoga before, or are like me and want to try it again, well you’re in luck; I’m going to detail some of the easiest Yoga positions you can do in your own home (or in your backyard on a nice day).

So get comfy; grab a Yoga blanket and some relaxing peaceful zen music and prepare to unwind your tired soul.

Mountain Pose


Probably the easiest Yoga position you’ll ever do; you might have done this one at school when you were a child and told to stand like a tree- this one is slightly different. You need to stand straight to begin with, then take a deep breath whilst extending your arms up into a Y shape (like a mountain!). Then when you exhale, release the tension by letting your muscles relax and bring your arms down by your side. Do this a number of times, making sure to breath in when your arms are raised and out when you bring them back down again. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Downward Facing Dog


You might not think much to the Mountain Pose, but the Downward Facing Dog is definitely a stable of the Yoga exercise. Start by getting on all fours and then slowly lift your waist up into the air so that your bum is sticking right up and you’re making a V-shape. Feel your hamstrings stretch and tense, then relax those muscles after holding the position for 10-25 seconds (whatever you feel most comfortable).

Child’s Pose


I love Child’s Pose. One of the simpler Yoga positions; simple start by getting on both knees and then bend slowly forward. Place your arms out in front of you and keeping lowering your back until your face is touching your mat. It’s a relaxing exercise that you can probably do in between different positions. You can place one arm under you and then the other for a deeper shoulder stretch.

Meditation Pose


This pose is probably familiar to you. A simple elegant move that allows you to relax and feel at peace. Cross your legs with your back up right, leaving your arms by your sides or resting on your thighs. Take long deep breaths and exhale all your worries away. Do this until you feel you have exercised all your stress and worries away. It’s best to do this one on a yoga mat as you’ll likely be sat in this position for a long time, and you won’t want to feel restless or uncomfortable.

Do you practice yoga? What are your favorite poses?

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