Trinitoga: Stories of a Life in a Roughed Up Tough Love No Good Hood


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Title: Trinitoga

Author: Trinity Alston, Reiyanna Davis, Jonae Waynesworth, Serenity Summers, Temil Whipple and Zoe Williams

Publisher: Shout Mouse Press



Trinitoga is an examination of a set of very complex characters.  There is Shoota, the king of the hood with anger issues and a fade.  Always with a gun on his hip, his anger issues are real.  Baquisha is Shoota’s on and off again girlfriend.  She’s a drug addict but tells her kids to do the right thing but is a very bad example.  Rude Boy, Rude Girl and Tianna – the children of Shoota and Baquisha, don’t have a chance.  Sharkisha – Rude Boys girl has a fighting spirit – and the list goes on and on.

Each character is integrally connected to the other.  What happens?  Well, you need to read the book to find out.

Shoota, didn’t start out as a gun-wielding hoodlum – but just a little boy in a set of very bad circumstances.  Trinitoga is a  great read and will provide your older child insight why each character got to where they are.


Understanding the Characters

Trinitoga has a set of characters that all go together.  I read this book along with my 7 and 11-year-old, which some wouldn’t agree would be a good thing.  With the language and hard topics – I was of the opinion that it’s just life.  While it’s not our life, it’s somebody else.  We need to be compassionate.   In order to have compassion, we need to understand.

The characters are complex, so I tried to create a project where both kids would understand them better.

I created a graffiti project.  We learned about graffiti art, and decided to draw out the experience of a character each child wanted to – create a graffiti drawing to hang on a wall.

Graffiti, I think is just an expression of the artist.

Ava wanted to do Tianna and Hadyn – Shoota.

Written by ar-risk teens, Trinitoga is an examination of life on the DC streets #ReadYourWorld


Tianna loved the memory of her mother playing with her and her sister in the park when they were kids.  She thought that Tianna – when thinking of her mother – would always think of this.   So Ava drew Tianna and her mother playing on the swings in the park where they had such a great time when they were kids.

Hadyn, knowing Shoota is obsessed with guns and killing people, drew Shoota with a gun.

Here is the wall art.
Trinitoga,Written by at-risk teens is about life on the DC streets #ReadYourWorld #Kidlit

Shout Mouse Press

Honestly, I was honored to get this book to review.  For the first time ever, I have had the extreme pleasure  of reviewing and supporting a book written by teenage authors who wrote and shared their personal stories.  Just a few miles down 270, my children got he opportunity to examine a world that seems a million miles away.  Trinitoga, a fictitious arae in Washington DC, is powerful.  The characters – complex.  The stories are raw.  This book will break your heart and give your children a sense of compassion for  others living in extreme conditions.

Shout Mouse Press, in collaboration with the ShootBack Project worked with the young writers of Becon House, a community-based organization in Washington DC that aims to lift as many at-risk children out of their difficult situations.


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