Do you want to Lose Weight in 2020? Start with the right Mindset!

Nobody will tell you this.  I guess its a very guarded secret and nobody talks about it.

Weight loss is hard.  It’s very hard.  And nobody says it because of the following reasons.

    1. They have no clue that it’s hard, because they haven’t lost weight
    2. They want your money, and if you said it’s hard, you would never hire them.

It’s hard, and that’s why you see the majority of people giving up, or gaining it all back, plus some more.

When New Years rolls around, it is the number one goal.  The majority of people want to lose weight and get fit.  So what’s the magic pill?

Starting with the right mindset.


Starting with the right Mindset

I firmly believe that you if you are mentally prepared for the onslaught, that you will be better prepared for the challenges that you will most definitely face down the road.  If you are prepared for them, and have a plan for overcoming them, then you will ultimately be more successful.

Depending upon the amount of weight you have to lose, what are some of the challenges that many will face?

  • Plateau
  • Weight gain week to week
  • Lack of motivation
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Slow weight loss
  • Fat loss/weight loss – what’s the difference
  • Boredom
  • Social activities
  • Excuses (and a lot of them).

Long term weight-loss is a lifestyle choice

Weight loss requires consistency; and that consistency needs to be in the kitchen.  Sad to inform you, that 90% of your success lies in what you eat.  There it is.  You can exercise your butt off, exercising 4 hours a day, and the scale won’t change.  It’s what you eat that’s key.  Day-to-day, you need to be consistent, irregardless of whether you have a work party, your child has a birthday, it’s summer vacation, or it’s a holiday.  You need to be “on” 90% of the time.

90% is not perfection.  The less weight that you have to lose, or the more fitter you are, the more vigilant you need to be.

This is key for everybody, whether you have 150 lbs or 1.5 lbs to lose.  Long term weight-loss requires that you change the way you think about food, and the role that food plays in your life.  When you change the way you think about food, your body will change.  And the more likely it will stay changed.


Weight-loss vs. Fat-loss

Your body weight is a combination of “things.”  Weight is made up of the following…

  • Water
  • Fat
  • Muscle
  • Bone
  • The food you eat
  • Other organic material (organ, blood, etc).

All of these things contribute to your weight.  One body might hold more water than another, and therefore look the same, but the one that holds more water would be heavier.  One body may have more fat, and another more muscle (less fat) and weigh the same, but look totally different.

This is also key.  The scale doesn’t tell you fat vs. muscle, and you may not care, because all you want to do is lose weight, or do you?

Two 150 lbs women.

One has 35% body fat and the other has 20% body fat.

The one who has less body fat will have more muscle.  She will look slimmer and she will look fitter.

You get me?

The number on the scale is one criteria, but not the only criteria.

The number on the  scale is going down, but what are you losing?  Are you losing fat, are you losing muscle, are you losing a combo?

This is important.

Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, meaning it burns more calories.  You are a more efficient fat burner when you have more muscle.  And while muscle and fat weigh the same (1 lbs of muscle weighs the same of 1 lbs of fat), muscle takes up a lot less space.  So a more muscular person will look slimmer and more fit than someone who has less muscle and more fat.

You can be training/lifting weight, and be losing fat and gaining muscle, and not be losing weight.

Slow weight-loss – It’s what’s supposed to happen

The first week of starting a program, you may lose a bunch of weight.  It’s water, and it’s because you are suddenly eating less food.   You eat less food, you will weigh less – just because the volume of food is less.  Also, what you eat attracts water, especially carbohydrates.  The more carbs you eat, the more water that comes with it.  The less carbs you eat, the less water that comes (seeing weight loss on the scale).  If one day, you are eating 500g carbs, and the next day you eat 100g, guess what’s going to happen?

That’s not long term weight loss.

Because once you start eating the 500g of carbs, what do you think will happen?

Losing fat is not fast.

A 1/2 lbs weight loss week-to-week is fantastic progress.  And the less you have to lose, the smaller the changes.  Yes it seems slow, but that’s how our bodies work.  Fat-loss is slow – very slow.

There is no such thing as “fat-loss fast.”  It’s unicorns and rainbows.

Do you believe in unicorns and rainbows?

Weight-loss is weight gain

You will gain weight, even when you are “on.”  Especially in woman, hormonal changes will cause weight gain, because they cause you to hold more water.  More stress will stall weight loss.  Lack of sleep…  Just as I said above, it’s temporary.  Water weight gains and losses are temporary.  What’s not temporary is the disaster that follows when you a re discouraged.

So, don’t let it discourage you.

Expect it.



What questions do you have about weight loss?  Let’s talk about your concerns.  Do you want to know if something is normal?  Let’s talk.


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