Weight Loss – I’m Doing it Because my Life is Worth it

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I’ve not been much of a fad dieter.  Actually, I don’t feel that I have ever dieted.  I have changed my eating habits which has caused dramatic weight loss, but I have never used shakes, or bought freeze-dried meals that were shipped across the country, or starved myself, or taken laxatives.  I have always done it eating real food and always consistent exercise.

I remember someone telling me the secret to weight loss is simple.  Ready for it?

Burn more calories than you consume = weight loss

A big bravo to her!  Yes, the formula is simple – or is it? She oversimplified the issue.  There are a lot of things that go into a person being overweight – none of which has to do with how many brownies you eat.  Some things you can change and some things you can’t.


  1. Genetics – My entire family is overweight – not just immediate but extended.  I think my family contributes to at least half of the worlds problems with high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.  It’s pathetic.  I am not sure how two unhealthy families came together (in a whole world full of people) and propagated.  It’s just beyond imagination.
  2. The way you were brought up.  I remember, about 6-7 years ago, I was talking to my mother about a problem.  Her response – eat a piece of pie and you will feel better.  I never realized until that moment how bad that message is.  From that point on, I have always thought before I have eaten out of desperation.  🙂  You know what?  I never ever feel better after eating.  If anything I feel worse.
  3. Personal situation.  I am very well aware of the things that make me eat.  Most of the stuff I cannot change – some of the stuff I can.  But for the stuff I cannot change, right now at least, I have to learn how to handle it without food.


Here is my big thought for the week.  Ready for it?


To me, food is not like a drug, it is a drug – and a bad one.  It’s bad because it kills slowly over time.  Little by little, minute by minute, day by day, and year by year. You manage the symptoms – until WAM!  And WAM always comes – and it’s not pretty.

I really do think food alters my brain – like a drug – or why else would I be so addicted?  Eating sends out false feelings of satisfaction and joy.  My opinion – to lose weight and to keep it off, you don’t count points, you don’t drink shakes, you don’t attend meetings where people are forced to acknowledge your weight loss, you don’t eat freeze-dried food, and you certainly don’t use containers.  All you need is a good psychologist and time to figure out why you are eating.  Work through the issues – and you are on your way to better health for life.


It’s all about education and re-learning how to eat.

The method that you use doesn’t really matter – just so it’s healthy.  It’s the process and learning that’s important.

One thing I have learned over the years – like rehab, weight loss needs to be all consuming.  That was my problem in the past, I wouldn’t allow it to consume me.  When people are trying to loose weight, they talk about it ALL THE TIME.  In restaurants, they obsess with calories, etc.  In reality, It’s a battle has to be fought every single day of my life.  Everything needs to be thought about – forever.  As annoying as it is, it’s reality.  It’s time for me to accept that fact.  Sometimes education can be tough.

Why Team Beach Body?

I didn’t find it, it sort of found me.  I have a friend who is a coach and was offering free coaching starting today (Feb 17).  I was like, okay.  I needed to lose weight, and she provided a healthy opportunity – so it’s a win-win in my book.

Would I have chosen Team Beach Body?  Honestly?  No.  The cover of it, a stick thin women with a 6 pack, who hardly wears clothes.  It just doesn’t scream “me”.  Not at all.  It’s very difficult for me to identify with her.  We have nothing in common.


Why I like Team Beach Body


  • Portion control.  That’s what’s it’s about.  Learning what a healthy portion is, what it looks like, and how it makes you feel.  They use these colored containers.  Each container represents a food group.  Depending upon your weight, you eat a certain number of red containers, and a certain number of yellow containers, and so on.

Using portion control color coded containers from #teambeachbody makes it easy to relearn portion sizes #education #weightloss #fitness #health


I have created a diary.  This is specifically for me – my weight – just so you can get an idea of what each container represents.  I have colored coded everything based on what I eat.  So, there are a lot more food options, but I just put the things I eat most.  You can download my My Beach Body Diary.  The container on the left is the Shakeology container.  I don’t do shakes, so I just use it as my water container.  It’s my goal to drink 8-10 of those a day.


The containers look small, don’t they?  Actually, they are not that small.  I will show you later, that you actually get enough food.


  • Fitness.  It’s integral to any healthy program – and they make a point of it.  7 days a week you do an exercise 30 minutes a day.  They include DVD’s with really difficult workouts (I did my first today and I’m feeling it).  I like that they give you more than 7, so then you are doing something different each day, working different muscle groups – getting a full body experience.  In my diary, on the last page, you will see the fitness program.


  • Water.  They don’t hem and haw about it.  They tell you straight out that you need to drink water.  They give some excellent suggestions on how to make it more exciting – but I like water and I like it plain.  That was my beef with Weight Watchers.  They said you could replace coffee, tea, pop for water.  All those additives, etc that your body has to get rid of.  Just say water.  Your body needs water and suck it up!


  • You set your own goals.  No doctor or dictator tells you how much you should weigh for your height.  LOVE THAT!  I don’t like doctors telling me what’s best for me.  I’m stubborn that way.


  • The coach.  Very nice feature.  There is someone there who believes in you.  He/she can remind you of why you started.  Remind you of your goals to keep you strong and motivated.  Best of all, he/she is free.


Why I Don’t Like Team Beach Body


  • The cover girl on the front of all of their packaging.  Why can’t she have some clothes on – at least once?  Sheesh.  They sort of sell it.  You do this, and you will look like this.  Not true.  Everyone has their own body type.  I will never look like that woman, ever.  I am an African-American woman with a certain body type.  I will always have hips  and a butt.  It’s the way I’m made.


  • The starvation component.  They have a 3 day fix (only can be done for 3 days) which is almost like a starvation diet.  Not something I would encourage anyone to do – even if you want to look good in a bikini.  It’s always important to be healthy no matter what you do.  That 3 day-fix is not healthy – and it’s totally optional.  Personally, I am of the opinion that it shouldn’t even be an option.


  • The eating is a bit restrictive.  They do offer alternatives, like if you want ONE 4″ whole grain pancake, it equals a read container, or if you eat a slice of pizza its equal to a red and a yellow.  But unlike Weight Watchers, they don’t give you an extra weekly allowance.

The good always comes with the bad, doesn’t it?  There are positives and negatives for everything.

Will it work for me?

I don’t know.

I will let you know what I find out.

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  1. Hi Lisa! I’m so happy to find your little space on the web. I can’t tell you how much this post has helped me today. My husband and I have been looking at some popular diets around. It’s so easy to forget that losing weight really is simple. Thanks for reminding me:)
    Melissa recently posted…Mama’s Snow Day FrappeMy Profile

  2. Lisa,
    Thanks for the thorough review. It sounds a little too restrictive for me, bit maybe more structure is what I need.
    I’m stopping by from the 100 Day Challenge. I’m really enjoying discovering new blogs.
    Merri Dennis recently posted…Craft for The Good SamaritanMy Profile

    • I think it’s about getting in a good grove. I don’t think i ate enough yesterday. I didn’t complete all my portions, and left much of my meat until dinner. Not good. I was STARVING.

      I need the structure right now. I need the rigidity simply because this is something I must do and i am really too busy and don’t have the money to attend meetings and count points.

      Everything works when it’s supposed to – I firmly believe that.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for participating in the challenge!
      Lisa recently posted…Mommy Monday Blog Hop – Week 34My Profile

  3. I’ve never done beach body but I’m an avid exerciser and I try to eat healthy. I know what you mean in a way about how you are brought up. I didn’t experience the same thing you mentioned but there were a lot of foods I never had until I was an adult. We were a very meat & potatoes sort of family. #BYB100
    Holly recently posted…Happy Valentine’s Day!My Profile

    • Hey Holly,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I think it’s good to get out of your element and learn new things. I think many blessings come from that. I like that I learn before my body is going in a downward spiral. In my case, all the people that learned – they learned wayyyy too late.

      I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
      Lisa recently posted…Mommy Monday Blog Hop – Week 34My Profile

  4. I’ll be curious to see what you think. I’ve had friends who have had success and some who have found it intimidating (for the reasons you note). Whatever happens, you can get healthy!! I’m pulling for you (I’m trying to do it myself – we can do it!!!). Much love, Jess
    Jessica McCort recently posted…Pin of the Day: Cheeky Water BottleMy Profile

    • Well, this morning when I didn’t sleep well and could hardly roll out of bed, it was a difficult task to go downstairs. Much to my relief, it was upper body today (my legs are still burning). I’m sure it will get better!

      The eating has been difficult. I was pretty hungry yesterday but had most of my food for dinner. I have to get into a groove. Thinking about trying a pineapple and spinach smoothie with greek yogurt and spinach. HUM?

      Everything will happen in due time.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Weight Loss – I’m Doing it Because my Life is Worth itMy Profile

  5. I can totally relate with everything you’ve said. I come from one of those families where genetics has played a nasty joke on everyone! I also agree that to some people, like me, food is a drug. The drug is also killing me faster than I care to admit. Most of my health problems are directly related to food. It’s sad and scarey at the same time. I wish you luck on this program. I’ve have found what works best for me, now I need to find what works for me as far as fitness goes. I’m pretty sure “Beach Body” would kill me – lol!
    Kimberly B recently posted…Shower in Style Giveaway EventMy Profile

    • Hey Kimberly,

      I am sure it wouldn’t. It hurts after the first day, and it’s hard getting out of bed (literally) to do it again – but it does get better. It’s only 30 minutes out of your day and you don’t have to leave your house. I think everybody knows what time is best to commit to doing something like this. It comes at your own time. it’s good that you acknowledge your health problems. Some people refuse to admit it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Weight Loss – I’m Doing it Because my Life is Worth itMy Profile

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for this review and your honesty in sharing it. My weight has been an issue for years and genetics has a role in it. Still, that does not excuse my lack of trying.

    Angie recently posted…Homeschool Crash Course GiveawayMy Profile

    • Hey Angie,

      Everybody does it in their time. if you are not ready – I don’t care what the eating program is – it won’t work. When you are ready, it will happen.

      My mom always gave the genetics excuse for diabetes. She didn’t have diabetes, but should would say – I am just expecting it. Everybody else has it. I would tell her, no. You can take steps to help yourself. Genetics is strong – yes. But the human spirit – something that cannot be quantified.

      Thanks so much for your comments! I hope you are having a great start to your weekend!
      Lisa recently posted…Testingmom.com – Helping Parents to Help their Children be Successful Under Common CoreMy Profile

  7. Good for you for taking charge of your health! I love ShakeO! You’ve got this!
    Andrea recently posted…Birth Diaries#8: Kylie and MillaMy Profile

  8. I’ve just barely heard about Team Beach Body, but love the color coded approach! That really is a great visual to see what to eat. I love color-coding and am a visual learner. Whoever started Team Beach Body did their research to capture the learning style of us visual learners.
    Thaleia ( recently posted…Boost Your Blog in 100 Days- Comments Day 4My Profile

    • You are definitely right Thaleia. Before my friend introduced it to me, I had never heard of beach body. But after doing my research, I learned it is a multi-billion dollar brand. All the beautiful rich people are involved. They have beach body conferences…it’s nuts. lots of money is definitely being made, but I vow it’s not coming from me. I bought the containers, but will not buy anything else (well maybe one exercise program). I’m not buying into the shakes and such. If this is to be done, it’s to be done with food coming from my fridge.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Testingmom.com – Helping Parents to Help their Children be Successful Under Common CoreMy Profile

  9. Lisa, I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight, and you are absolutely right that you have to break down the psychological barriers if you want real success in the battle to be healthy. We have serotonin receptors in our stomachs and intestines, so clearly food and its consumption is tied to our emotional health.
    For me, I had to change my perspective on food and see it as medicine. It is either making me well or sick. It’s forced me to really think about the consequences of poor food choices, for myself and my family.
    I also adhere to the 80/20 rule. If 80% of the time I’m eating healthy, I can give myself a break once a week to indulge in a treat and forget for a minute the ill effects of sugar and white flour.
    I love love love the T25 workouts by Beach Body.
    Good luck, you can do this, you are approaching it with a good mindset and a realistic perspective.
    Olivia recently posted…I’m on a Soapbox People, and I’m Asking for a Big Change HereMy Profile

  10. I feel like I feel the same way about food, that I am addicted to it. And all three of your points (genetics, upbringing and personal situation) are my three reasons for being overweight.

    Becoming healthy is a journey and it should never be a quick fix. I’m slowly retraining my brain, too. I’d love to continue to follow your journey as I go on mine. I’m actually posting about becoming healthier tomorrow, but linking it to self-love.

    I like the different Beach Body workout programs. I’ve used Slim in 6 and Power 90 in the past with great results (just exercise alone).

    Good luck on your journey!

    • Hey Cole,

      Yeah, you are right. Quick fixes never work. You really do have to train your brain. In my opinion, the hard way is best, you know? You gotta change your workout and your eating habits. both have to change. Eating – for me is the most difficult. Clean eating is hard and expensive. Plus, when I am the only one doing it – tiring and challenging. It’s so easy to just take a couple pieces of pizza. I know I can loose weight that way – but the point is to be a healthier me, you know?

      With Weight watchers, I was always able to loose weight by eating chips and drinking pop. I just cut down on the number. But, I have never felt the way i feel now. The energy I have, the ability to think clearly…it’s amazing.

      I would love to follow your journey as well. I have never heard of Power 90 or Slim in 6.

      One definite thing I don’t like about beach body is they keep saying that I will have the body I want in 21 days. No way that’s going to happen. 21 days isn’t enough. It’s a lifetime of changes.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Testingmom.com – Helping Parents to Help their Children be Successful Under Common CoreMy Profile

  11. Hey Lisa!
    Congratulations on deciding that this is a path you want to take! I’m like you, carrying around more than I’d like, but I’ll always have hips and butt – they’re never going to be teensy!

    I’m wishing you all the best in this endeavor! I think you’ve got a great mind-set and that will take you far! I look forward to seeing your progress and hearing more about your changes.

    Cristyl recently posted…Toddler Approved and SAFE Homemade PlaydoughMy Profile

  12. Love your honesty about this- I have successfully lost 55lb and kept it off without any fad diets or specific programmes. I still eat anything, including cake and chips, in moderation, and I must admit I do still think about food a lot. I specifically exercise twice a week for 30-50 minutes and I find that is enough as I do a lot of incidental walking with my daily routine. I do struggle with drinking enough water though! I also agree that your upbringing and certain triggers can interfere with weight loss as family gatherings are centered around food in my family.
    Lauren recently posted…Virtual Book Club For Kids (Paul Galdone)My Profile

  13. I have heard of Beach Body in passing and seeing what you have written here it doesn’t really sound like something I would be able to do. I have struggled with my weight for quite a while and have tried different strategies to losing weight. I know my biggest problem is lack of exercise and eating things I should not eat. Just need to get back on track.
    kewkew recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: February 19, 2014 (w/linky)- Happy 2nd Birthday HaroldMy Profile

  14. This sounds amazing. I haven’t tried the beach body, right now I am doing Thrive90 because a friend of mine (that I grew up with) is one of the creators and I seen the results from him and friends.

    You Can do it. Can’t wait to see how things go
    Tamara Wilson recently posted…Have You Seen These Mom-Savvy Carpet Choices?My Profile

  15. Hi! So, I am late to commenting on this but how are you doing now that it has been over a week? I just finished my sixth week of Jillian Michael’s workouts. The first two weeks were rough, third was bad but now. .. I’m actually antsy if I don’t get a workout in – that is a serious miracle. I also, ran alongside of Darling Daughter’s bike this afternoon and could actually keep up! I counted calories and pretty much county my calories about 4 days a week and let the other days fall wherever they may. I have a fairly good gauge at this point. You can totally do this and you are right – it comes down to being ready to do it. I also cover my workouts and eating habits in prayers. The days I skip that, there is a marked difference in what I eat – hmmmm? 😉 Keep it up – the workouts (no matter what they are) will get easier. {{{Hugs}}}
    Christine M. (Cool Mom) recently posted…Friendship Friday (F) Focus, Snow Fun and the number FifteenMy Profile


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