When I am Baptized

I have a lot of hopes and dreams for my kids.  A lot.  I just want the very best for them – whatever that is.  I don’t want them to suffer through life.  I want them to soar through at great heights – at heights that are not even imaginable to me.

Right now – more than anything – I want…

My oldest son, I know understands the importance of Baptism.  He has told me that he has already chosen to be Baptized.  He knows the gift of the Holy Ghost and wants the guidance through the rest of his life.  He’s ready.

I hope as the other two grow older – they also know this and want it for themselves.

I really want my kids to know and feel the love of Christ everyday and in every way – and in turn, love him back.  I want them to live a life of love and of service.  I want them to love everyone – especially the unloved, the downtrodden, the scared and the lost.

I want them to have compassion and to be kind and patient.

I want them to love the Church more than I do.

I want them to know and to love The Temple.  I would like them to continue their spiritual progression with their spouses and their children (if they so choose to follow this path).

More over, I want them to be happy.  To experience absolute joy in the minute blessings that we receive everyday.

I want them to love life.



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  1. I love your wishes for your children!!! I wish these things for my own kids too… real happiness comes from serving others anyway!

  2. You are a great Momma! I am sure that with your love and support you are going to raise wonderful children of God. 🙂

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