Why I Chose to Keep My Daughter at Home for Preschool

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There are as many different reasons for keeping a child at home for the preschool years as there are preschool children. Some for reasons that are religious, others financial, always personal.  I admit the cost of preschool was an issue with us. But also I was home anyway so after weighing many factors, we decided to keep our daughter at home with me.

Preschool classrooms have a schedule that the children must follow, to keep the class orderly and running smoothly. Our mudfingers days have a basic routine to them, but it’s largely unstructured.  My daughter has lots of time for free play, to make up her own rules, to experiment and explore things as she wants.  Learning happens naturally and follows her lead.  The other day she asked a random question about a hippopotamus, so we went online and looked up her question, which what their babies are called (calves) and listened to hippo sounds.  At this age, I believe the most important things she needs to work on are being a good person and learning to love learning.  Both will be good foundations for her throughout life.

I also enjoy being there with her when she discovers something new or finally gets something she’s been working on, such as when she writes a letter for the first time or  the first time she rode the “big slide” at the park.  Just recently she started cutting with scissors correctly and the big grin in her face meant a proud moment for both of us!


I also believe that in formal preschools there is too much emphasis on sitting at the desk, doing the work, teaching to the test, even at this young age. Research shows that children learn best through play and games and I aim to give her the freedom to DSC01619 learn this way. You won’t find us doing workbooks or flash cards!


In our family’s case, my daughter is naturally gregarious, so I haven’t worried about the socialization aspect. She plays readily with children at the park or at the playgroup we go to once or twice a week.


It’s not all glory and happiness. Being a mom is tough in any situation, and staying at home all day with a preschooler isn’t always a picnic. But those moments when she figures something out on her own and watching her pride in her own achievements helps make the long days worth it. She has one more year home with me before she starts kindergarten and I look forward to watching her grow and learn more as the weeks and months go by.





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  1. Love this post. I’m a public school teacher turned stay at home mom. I used to not support homeschooling, but now that I have my own son I could totally be on board with it. You sound like an incredible mama and your daughter is so lucky to have you. I agree that kids need to be kids and have the freedom to explore the world. -Andrea
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  2. Sounds wonderful! I did use preschool but not sure how necessary it was. In my experience it is impossible to keep preschool age kids from learning!
    Ann recently posted…Amber Fossil CraftMy Profile

    • You got that right. It’s instinctual – like learning how to walk. They just do it.

      I did preschool for Hadyn – but I realized that it was a waste of time and money – and produced more anxiety than anything. I could have done just as better at home. Plus, they evaluated the kids. It was really silly – but I guess they were preparing the kids for the reality of school – which I suppose is what they should be doing.

      Thanks for your lovely comments!
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