Why I LOVE Saxon Math

Saxon Math Review #homeschool #curriculum


I understand that every family is different, and that each family will find the curriculum/no curriculum that fits them best.  It’s not my intention to create a “boxed” answer that fits everyone.

With that said, I have used Saxon math from the beginning, and it has worked very well for my family, and this is why I love it and continue to use it!


Reasons I LOVE Saxon Math

  • The spiral approach – This may seem slow for some, but the fact that past lessons are repeated over and over really helps my kids grasp the material well.  This is true for my son who has a hard time with math.  The details elude him.  So seeing a problem over and over in a different way helps him get the concept conceptually over time.  It’s constant practice.  You are constantly building upon.  It also helps him to always think.  All the problems in the set are not the same.  When we are working on probability, we still do division, multiplication, geometry, etc.  I really like this aspect.


  • Academic – I plan for my kids to do math and science every single year, so it’s really important that we have a solid math curriculum.  Yes, I am a homeschooling mom and I like for my kids to do problem sets.  I like for them to work through a math problem.  I like them to understand what’s going on. I don’t use legos, I don’t play many games, I teach them lessons and make them do multiplication sets, and division tests, and chapter tests.  It’s the way I like to do it.


  • The incremental approach – We first learn about money.  Then we learn about exchanging pennies for dimes and dimes for dollars, then we round.  The kids get it.  It makes the concept of rounding easier.  It helps make more complicated concepts easier to understand.


  • Manipulatives – The extra manipulatives are great.  Don’t skip them.  You will pay just as much or more trying to peace them together on Amazon (believe me, I tried).  You buy the pack for $60 and you have everything you need for the first 4 years for all the kids.  Just store them in the plastic box that they come in.  You don’t use manipulatives after grade 4.  The manipulatives are great hands on practice for the kids.  I would highly recommend it.


Saxon math #homeschool #curriculum #math

  • Saxon goes from Kindergarten – Calculus and advanced math – it’s proven.


  • They have intermediate levels – Math is a bit more difficult for my son, so I didn’t want to frustrate him by moving up a full level.  I moved up 1/2 level and it’s perfect.  It’s challenging for him, but not as frustrating.  This aspect is gold for us!  We did 4/5 last year, and are doing Intermediate 5 this year.  We will go into 5/6 next year. Whereas my daughter can move up full years.  It’s perfect customization to each child!


  • Secular – more and more I am finding that secular curricula fits our homeschool best.


  • You can buy Saxon with the rest of your homeschool curriculum online here.


Do you love your math curriculum?  What do you use?



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