With Risk – There is Some Element of Faith


Risk and faith go hand and hand.  Have faith to know whether the risk is worth taking

~The Squishable Baby

No matter where we are in life – no matter what we are doing – and to matter where we are spiritually – we all have some level of faith.  Every one of us.  You have to have some level – just to be able to live each day.

For without faith, we would be virtually paralyzed.  Everything we do – we take a risk.  Life is a risk.  We get into the car and drive to the store – we take a risk.

Would you get into a car if you thought you would die in an accident? 

I wouldn’t.  Would you?

Are you consumed with a fear that you are going to die in an accident when you drive a car? 

I’m not.  Are you?

It’s because our faith.  We know that we are safe drivers – and that somehow things will be okay.

That’s what faith is.   The definition of faith is…

Things that are hoped for but not seen   

~Ether 12:6

It’s because our faith – that we take the risk.



This is the last installment of the March 2013 NaBloPoMo Challenge.  This month, it’s risk.

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  1. yes…and why worry when we can pray?!
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  2. So appropriate for this time of year. I love it. Inspired!
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  3. Hello! What an amazing post… so thought-provoking and inspiring! We love that sentence: “It’s because our faith – that we take the risk.”

    Thank you so much for your comment on our blog! We’re going to steal your blog button and feature it on the “Blogs We Love” page on our blog. 😉 Wow…feel free to feature any of our work on your blog. If you would like to contact us, you can do so via the contact page on our blog! Thanks again!
    ~Cayla and Ashley
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