Quality Educational Content Delivered Safely to your Homeschooler with XFINITY

I attended XFINITY Mom Bloggers event where I learned about how XFINITY provides educational content to children. I received a gift bag in exchange for my participation but the opinions stated herein are 100% my own.

Quality Educational Content delivered safely to your Homeschooler #xfinitymoms #comcastconnects



As homeschooling families, I think we are all interested in finding ways of providing value to our children novel and fun ways.  One of the unique qualities of homeschooling is that you do not have to use the same ole curriculum and deliver it in the same way.  As our society has gone “electronic” I am always looking for new ways for them to learn independently, seek out information, explore the things they are interested in – online – while having the peace of mind that they will be safe.



Have you seen the latest from XFINITY?  I’m really excited because they have exquisite easy to operate features that deliver high-quality educational content for homeschooling families over the TV and Internet.  They also provide the much-needed state of the art security so that you have peace of mind that while you are in the next room, working, or doing laundry, that your kids are only exposed to educational programming.

XFINITY provides the homeschooling family all they need.  Educational content at home or on the go – with the newest XFINITY X1 system.  They provide lock-down safeguards not only when your kids and your family both on and off-line.  They also provide low-cost phone so that your kids can practice their language skills with their pen pals!

So, whether you kids choose to learn via the internet, TV, or talking to friends around the world – XFINITY has it all!


XFINITY X1 Provides Educational Content Safely and Easily

Having  XFINITY X1 in your home is like having a whole library at your fingertips!  The KidsZone is easy to access education.  You can control what your kids watch with parameters based on age.  When you find a show that your kids love, just select “find more shows like this”, to find other shows that will keep the experiments going.  Each show comes with Common Sense Media ratings to keep their online interactions safe.

There is no shortage of educational content – especially on channels like PBS Kids or with shows like Doc McStuffins.

Don’t worry, with XFINITY, you can watch along with the kids, or stream a completely different show on your laptop or tablet.  You can stream on up to 5 devices!


Do you want to get out of the house?

I know that you can get stir crazy being at home all the time.  Maybe your family is taking a vacation (educational or otherwise) Or just want to do some learning at the park or local coffee shop?  You can take XFINITY with you on your mobile devices.  With 12,000,000 hot spots distributed across the US, you can stream content anytime, anywhere!

Personally, I have access everywhere I go!


XFINITY keeps your kids safe online

For me, easy to access is key!  With the operation in a central location, you can set time limits and age limit parameters.  Simply create an online profile for your child.  Don’t worry, an educational program running a bit long, or you were at the co-op a bit later, settings are easy to override with your own personal pin code.


Do your kids love to learn with XFINITY?  Which feature do you enjoy most?

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  1. Hi Lisa! This is really helpful info. I’m always shocked by how my 2-year-old can pick up our Roku remote and start a show for himself. It’s a little frightening. Who knows where he’s going to end up next amid the loads of stuff on t.v. I’m going to check into the parental controls on Xfinity. Also, the online options might be helpful for us. Thank you for the great tips!

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