YAWN! The Yawn that Went Around the World

I received a copy of Yawn! The Yawn that went Around the World, for the purpose of an honest review.  The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.




There is a warning at the beginning of this well made, picturesque, hard cover children’s bedtime book.  It says…


Contents of this book may cause drowsiness followed by uncontrolled yawning and a peaceful nights sleep.  Parental guidance welcomed.


And it does.  Yawn!, the newest book by Gene Mandarino and Tiger Stripe publishing, is a gorgeous book that sends even the stubborn to sleep.

Without many words, and heartfelt pictures, this book is perfect for both my 3-year and 6-year old!


Written in Rhyme, the book is simple.  It’s about a yawn that travels the world over.  Filled with pictures of multi-national and racial kids and different animals, your kids will feel a yawn coming on, too.

The perfect book to settle the kids at bedtime, Yawn! The Yawn that Went Around the World, is a perfect holiday gift!


About Gene Mandarino

Gene Mandarino was born into advertising.  At age 17 an illustration he created ran in the Saturday Evening Post.  Most of his work in advertising involved stories.  “Stories with a heartbeat,” he says.

Over the years, Gene has collected top awards in every major advertising competition world-wide.  He has earned gold and silver medals from the International Film Festival; the New York, Chicago, and San Francisco Art Directors Clubs; The USTV Cinema (Clio’s); US Film First Association; and the Cannes Film Festival.

Despite all these accomplishments during his career, his proudest achievement came after retirement.  Gene wrote and illustrated a book about a little boy who developed Autism titled, Charlie’s Gift.  From it, the Charlie’s Gift Foundation was formed.  For over 10-years, it has helped hundreds of families with Autism.  “That’s the power of books,” Gene says.


You can purchase Gene’s Newest Book, Yawn!, HERE


What are your kids’ favorite bedtime stories?


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